Terms and Conditions - Awards

CCE AWARDS ELIGIBILITY - 10th Annual CCE Awards  - May 28th, 2020


All Categories are open to CCE members and non-members.  Ticket purchase and other details will be announced shortly.

  1. Work must have been released/aired between Jan 1, 2019 – Dec 31, 2019
  2. Only productions/episodes that have not been submitted for consideration by the Awards Committee in previous years are eligible.
  3. All nominees must have received an on-screen credit in the category in which they are entered.


Liste des catégories

  1. Best Editing in Feature Length Dramatic (including direct to DVD)
  2. Best Editing in Television Movie or Mini-Series
  3. Best Editing in Television Drama - (Under 60 Minutes)
  4. Best Editing in Long Form Documentary (Over 65 Minutes)
  5. Best Editing in Short Form Documentary (Under 65 Minutes)
  6. Best Editing in Docu-series/Docu-drama/Factual (Under 60 Minutes)
  7. Best Editing in Lifestyle/Competition/Reality
  8. Best Editing in Animation
  9. Best Editing in Short film
  10. Best Editing in Television Comedy - (Under 60 Minutes)
  11. Best Editing in Family - Series or MOW, Live Action
  12. Student Merit Award
  13. Lifetime Achievement



Entry deadline is 5pm EST on January 31st, 2020.  Submissions are accepted online at the www.cceditors.ca.  (English) (Français)  Please ensure the submission form is completed and submission uploaded.


  • Editors may only submit 3 entries in total.  If more than 3 are submitted, the first 3 will be accepted and the remainder will be removed.
  • Series nominations may only submit one episode per editor.  The CCE Awards Committee will randomly choose one episode if multiple episodes are submitted. 




  1. The Entrant warrants that the production is eligible in accordance with the CCE Awards Rules, as contained herein. In any case in which the CCE determines that the information required to be provided by the Entrant is inaccurate or incomplete, and the production is therefore incorrectly entered, the CCE reserves the right to declare the production ineligible to be submitted for nominations for any CCE Award.
  2. The Entrant acknowledges and agrees that the CCE may, in its sole discretion, determine that no Awards be given in any category in which the productions entered do not met CCE standards.
  3. The Entrant agrees that the CCE Awards Committee, subject to the approval of the National Executive Board, will rule on any dispute in matters relating to the entry, eligibility, nominations, appeals and/or election of any production for an Award. The Entrant acknowledges that the CCE National Executive Board’s decision shall be final.
  4. The Entrant acknowledges that the CCE Awards Committee reserves the right to amend or modify the rules contained herein at their discretion, subject to the approval of the National Executive Board, or at the sole discretion of the National Executive Board.
  5. The Entrant and all individuals submitted for consideration herein release the CCE and its officers, directors, Awards Committee members and Awards Jury members, employees, representatives and agents from all liability for any reason whatsoever (including, without limitation, for any incidental and consequential damages) in respect of the Entry and its consideration for any Award, including, without limitation, for any negligence or omission in the processing of the Entry or in its consideration for an Award, however caused.