Full Membership Process


Annually, in March, an email goes out from the CCE administrator to all current full members of the CCE. These individuals are asked to submit up to two names that they think should be considered for Full Membership by a jury of Full members (the jury consists of 7 -9 members from across Canada, in order to minimize favouritism based on friendships). 


Additionally, a 250 word description of the merits/character/work output of the nominee must also be submitted for the jury's analysis along with an IMDB link and any other resources that may be useful. 


The intention in this process is to keep the nomination 'secret' so that the nominee is not aware they have been put forward; should the applicant be rejected they will not know it, and this minimizes bruised feelings. Some people 'lobby' a full member to put their name in the hat, but this not only conflicts with the purpose of this process, but can cause uncomfortable situations. We are not a large organization where 'bad' news comes from an office employee no one knows. Both our admin and the jury are familiar to many and the bad news can create unnecessary conflict between friends. 


The names put forward have to meet the minimum criteria set forth by the CCE which is 60 hours of edited TV content, six feature films or a combination. THIS IS ONLY THE MINIMUM and in fact is the lesser factor in juror considerations. The jury spends April deliberating the nominees, investigating closely each one. 


The jury looks at character of person, their passion to the craft, the length of career/perseverance, in combination with quality of projects, awards and honours. Discussions ensue with defence/debate of the nominees.  We want producers and directors to look at Full Members as carrying a torch that lifts the entire craft.

New Full Members for 2018

Announced later this year.