2017 AGM Reports

2017 AGM Reports

CCE 2017 State of the Union Report

Kelly Morris and Dino Harambasic


This year marks our decennial and what a year we’ve had: a solid growth in our membership base, with now 345 members strong! Not did just our numbers expanded, but also our national reach. Three years ago, it was really just Toronto and Vancouver, but now we can say that the CCE reach extends to Montreal, Halifax, Edmonton-Calgary, not to forget our two members in Newfoundland as well, and we couldn’t be more proud.


It’s fair to say this increased interest is largely due to efforts by the board and volunteers of our committees, who have donated much of their time to elevating the CCE role in contributing to the dialogue of Canadian editing. We increased our board size at the last election, adding two new chairs responsible for increasing our presence two fronts – social media, and events. We have been fortunate as well, to have a board member in each of our regions, except Montreal where we have had some active volunteers, to represent and work with the members and liaise with the local TV and Film communities. Moving forward, we need to look at how to ensure we have at least one seat available at all times for our regional members.


Our new Social Media Chair developed a successful plan to increase our content several-fold, with interviews of our members, book prizes, and twitter feeds of editing humour - we are now reaching out to our members across most social media outlets which has helped with gaining interest from a new wave of junior editors that have now gained interest in our organization. Our Education Advisor pitched in on this front, creating feature profiles of our full members that are being featured online.


On the Events front, we’ve had a great year, with Q&A’s in Toronto featuring Pia Di Ciaula, CCE, and the Colourists of Mad Max Fury Road and Operation Avalanche, Eric Whipp and Conor Fisher, respectively, our annual TIFF Party at the Gladstone was another success and so was our 7th Awards, a Spring workshops Series, and some very well attended pub nights. In fact, we had several pub nights, in all our towns across the country, which were great chances for editors of different genres and experience levels to mingle, share ideas, network. Toronto and Vancouver even took the chance to imbibe and chat one step further, and threw bowling into the mix. Paul Day, CCE, travelled to Halifax to teach a drama workshop, and Membership Liaison Thor Henrikson hosted a VR event there as well. And Edmonton held their first ever non-pub night event, with a Q&A featuring CCE editing award winner Brenda Terning, and already lined up a couple of more workshops in the near future...


Last year, we made a bold attempt to make CCE bilingual, and our efforts have continued, with a committee formed who have developed a plan to create an English/French website, and translate all on-going CCE correspondence. The timing couldn’t be better, as our francophone colleagues are finally joining us.


Montréal has seen some exciting developments, with a member base of 15 and 4 new full members. We sponsored Le Fantastique Weekend du Cinéma Québécois of the Fantasia Film Festival, where we gave out a best editing award to a Quebecois editor, and we pitched in on Les Monteurs à L’affiche – a day of editing show and tell featuring new works by Richard Comeau, CCE and Catherine Legault. It is our wish that Montréal’s editors will embrace the CCE, take a seat on the board, and a centre point in our dialogue.


In Alberta, we also increased our sponsorship with support for the Calgary International Film Festival. In Vancouver, we again proudly sponsored Industry day at the DOXA documentary film festival, and gave out our best editing awards at the Vancouver International Women in Film and Vancouver Short Film Festivals. We also continue to sponsor the Best Editing Award at the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax and have been supporting DOC Institute’s Master’s Series as well as HotDocs in Toronto.


Finally, we have been getting political. The CCE board and our members joined our sister organizations and industry peers in lobbying Federal Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly to send back the CRTC’s decision to cut Canadian Content requirements for broadcasters and encouraged her to support Canadian film and television. We also formed a Global Opportunities Committee who have been creating a report which will shed light on the challenges editors face when working outside their home jurisdiction, and which will provide us some leverage to effect change and open doors for our members.


Moving forward into 2018, we hope to increase our presence with more events like a Toronto Edit Fest, more Q&A’s across the country, programming of our workshops and master-classes, and expanding our Women in Post event to all cities where CCE has its presence. Plus, we have a mentorship program that needs to be developed and maybe one day we will finally get Canadian Cinema Editor magazine up and running.


It’s an exciting time for us, as we grow and create strong foundations in across the country. It’s great to see Canadian editing being embraced and celebrated, because Canada is a centre for excellence in editing, and our editors are world class. Let’s all do our part as editors and CCE members to make sure the Canadian Cinema Editors keeps its spot at the forefront of Canadian editing, and continues to serve as the national body which unites us all.


Kelly Morris, CCE  & Dino Harambasic

President                  Vice President


Social Media and Communications Report - Jonathan Dowler

It’s been a busy, crazy year as Board Member for Social Media & Communications and we’ve made some great changes this year.   Our e-blasts, tweets, Facebook posts, as well as our Instagram pictures are reaching more of our membership and are getting the word out about all our amazing events and activities.


Last year our e-blast newsletter made it out to 750 people - now it reaches 1223.   Last year we totalled 1637 Facebook likes and had 875 followers on twitter, now we’re liked more on Facebook (1840 at last count) and more people are following us around on Twitter! (955). After setting up a CCE instagram account we are working hard to grow it and it currently boasts 110 followers, but there's more space to grow!

Our impressions on Twitter have been growing month-to-month and coupled with some fun events and Q&As, they’ve really been spreading the word. I hope to keep pushing this further in 2018, and am always open to ideas on articles, videos, and other elements that are of interest to our membership and which make people want to revisit our website more often.

As always, feel free to follow us on instagram at canadiancinemaeditors, on Twitter @CCE_editors and on Facebook at CanadianCinemaEditors!
Here's to a social 2018!



Events Report - Bryan Atkinson

The Event coordinator was a new position this year. I began the year with many lofty ideas and have been firmly brought down to earth with what is required to organize and execute events across Canada.  We've tried to add something new to our social nights, along with our usual pub nights, we have added a bowling night or having a social mixer with Canadian Society of Cinematographers. While organized outside of my position the CCE awards continue to be a big success and the  TIFF party was again also a big hit.  


In May we held a Q&A with Colourists Eric Whipp (Mad Max Fury Road) and Conor Fisher (Operation Avalanche) from Alter Ego that was a very informative and inspiring.

This September we hosted the gracious and talented Pia di Ciaula (The Crown) for a two-hour talk and Q&A at Triangle Post. The event was a huge success and after hearing from our membership I know we need to continue pushing forward with more events like these.


Much of my work, along with Stephen Philipson, has been fostering a relationship with TIFF and organizing our first EDITfest event in Canada. Due to scheduling concerns our event which was originally planned for November has been rescheduled until the new year, with dates to be confirmed shortly. I am very excited and look forward to launching the program for this full-day educational and networking event. This first edition will be held in Toronto but we’re looking to expand to other regions as the demand grows for such events elsewhere.  


I would like to thank Sarah Taylor (our web administrator) for taking the initiative to create the most recent Q&A in Edmonton. It was a big success and speaks to the desire for locals to have more events like these. I’d also like to thank Prith Singh, Nicole Radcliffe and Jeremy Cowie, as well as Kelly Morris for pushing for and wrangling events on the West coast and thanks to Thor Henrikson for organizing a VR night in Halifax.


This position really is a supplement to the hard work that Alison Dowler does as our head coordinator. I’ve realized that over the next year I need to be more involved with Alison to understand budgets and scheduling within the organization as a whole.


In addition to this, I’ve also realized how important it is for the health of this organization for its membership to be involved and to step up when they have an idea and volunteer their time, as we’ve seen in some of our smaller communities. We are a young organization, growing rapidly and driven by volunteers. Our resources are few but the board is passionate and wants to help. With continued  support from our smaller communities we can make sure that everyone who pays for this membership realizes it’s potential.



Treasurer - Stephen Philipson


I am excited to report that the CCE remained in a strong financial position in 2017 and will be on good footing heading into 2018. While we had (and continue to have) a number of important one-time costs as our organization grows, increased membership has given us a nice little bump in revenue, and the CCE awards brought in a little more money than expected. Our cash reserves are down slightly, but this is not due to unsustainable spending practices, rather a result of planned investments in our organization as we set the stage for further growth. In fact, the loss was less than expected due to the revenue gains. Looking ahead to 2018, I do not anticipate further loss, and expect us to be cash flow positive at the end of the year.


One-time Costs:

Lawyer Fees: Early in the year, we were hit with significant lawyer fees for an important and much-needed legal opinion on the organization's practices. The opinion clarified how the CCE can legally lobby for change in the industry, and cleared the way for us to be more active politically, if we so desire. As Kelly mentioned, we have already used this freedom to add our voice to the chorus that convinced Culture Minister Mélanie Joly to reverse her potentially damaging proposal to reduce Canadian hiring requirements. Looking ahead, the Global Opportunities Committee is preparing a number of recommendations intended to reduce barriers that Canadian editors face to working on international productions, and we need to be confident that our bylaws allow us to speak out in this manner.


Translation: Our important work to make the website bilingual will require a small initial outlay of cash. Some money has been spent already, and further costs will be incurred, although we are finding good systems for keeping costs down through volunteer work and the use of free web-based tools. We are also applying for a grant to reimburse half the costs (up to $4500) and are very confident we will get the grant.


Silkstart Migration: expanding the capability of our website required a small investment, but that work has been completed and our web costs have returned to normal.


Streaming Equipment purchase: There had been a proposal to purchase new equipment for streaming live events such as the CCE awards, however, we decided not to make this purchase at this time. We would like to stream events, but our needs are limited, so it is cheaper to rent equipment when necessary for the time being. We may revisit this choice later in the year.


Accounting: Unfortunately, we had not filed our taxes for several years and must now pay for three years' worth of tax returns. Moving forward, I would like to make sure this doesn't happen again, and I will be adding yearly accounting costs into our future budgets to avoid catch-up.


Cost Increases:

Sponsorship: I am very proud of our efforts to sponsor film festivals and events across the country, and sponsorships are a big priority if we find ourselves with extra money to spend. I feel that sponsoring a festival in exchange for displaying our logo is a win-win proposition that allows us to support industry organizations and events such as Hot Docs and Women in Film, while advertising our organization and sending the message that we are committed to promoting excellence across the country. Last year, we targeted an increased presence in Québec by sponsoring the world-renowned Fantasia Film Festival, and presenting the first annual CCE Award for Excellence in Editing to a Québec film student. But despite gains, we are still turning down a significant number of "applicants" due to limited funds. I have increased our sponsorship budget modestly, and will adjust throughout the year as revenue comes in. Over all, I believe there is significant opportunity to increase our visibility in all regions of Canada, which will hopefully generate more revenue by attracting new members to the organization.


Insurance: I am looking at increasing our insurance coverage to give us greater liability (which is required by some venues), and to provide coverage if we wish to start posting video and podcast content on our website.


Workshops/Mentoring: This year, we offered slightly less workshops, so our workshop costs and revenue were down slightly. The board has discussed reversing this trend in 2018. I will be aiming to make sure the workshops cover their costs through ticket prices whenever possible, though it is important to keep ticket costs low (and offer student discounts) so the workshops are accessible to emerging editors. Also, starting a new mentorship program is very high on our lists of priorities, but I do not anticipate a lot of additional costs, as it will likely be volunteer-based.


New Revenue:

Editing Conference: as mentioned, a committee is currently planning an editing conference similar to the ACE's excellent program EditFest. While we had been in discussion with ACE to hold an EditFest Toronto, the decision was made to pursue a CCE-native conference instead, so that any potential profits from the event will remain in the organization. I have put together an initial budget for the event that shows us making a small profit, and we will endeavor to make it so!


Membership increase: I have not included additional membership revenue in the budget, however, we have a long runway for growth (particularly in Québec as mentioned). I hope that our efforts to increase sponsorship and other programs will lead to more members (and more revenue) in 2018.



Web Report - Sarah Taylor

Last year we focused on keeping our website active by publishing daily articles. With the help of Alison, who gathered loads of content from the membership, we have been able to profile many associate and full CCE members. We have recently started the On the Screen This Week series where we share what our membership is working on. It's been great getting to know our members and I feel like it can keep us connected across the country!


With the help of the bilingual committee we are getting closer to offering our website in both French and English. We are applying for funding from Canadian Heritage to help with the cost of transactions and the conversion of our site.



Secretary - Prith Singh


I would like to take this time to update on my activity as Secretary in short detail.

In my new position as the Secretary I attended all board meetings with the exception of one. I recorded the minutes as required at the AGM 2016 meeting. Minutes were taken at all the board meetings and copies were sent to all the board members.


I was at attendance at all events and film festivals in town on behalf of CCE, "Pub nights, Bowling nights, Coordinate educational workshops, Hot docs festival, Vancouver short film festival, VIWIFF - Vancouver International Women in Film, VIFF night - Vancouver International Film Festival.


Also I am one of the members of the Vancouver Events Committee.

The other members and I brain storm to come up with new ideas for exciting events to help CCE expand membership base for this prestigious association.


It's been an honor to serve the association and I am looking forward to further contributions to the association in the future to come.



National Membership Liaison’s Report - Thor Henrikson


The CCE currently has 345 paying members, equal to the previous year. There have been significant gains in many of the the regional chapters since the last AGM.  Alberta is up to 12 members from 4, Quebec is up to 12 from 3, Newfoundland is up to 2 from 1, while Nova Scotia remains the same.  Growth in Quebec and Alberta is strong and should be a focus from membership drives in the coming year. As well, student membership has dropped this year, something we should consider rectifying.


Overall our membership is up by 20% from last years AGM.


Membership rates remain: $200 for Full Memberships,  $125 for Associate Memberships,  $30 for Student Memberships. At the last AGM a resolution was passed offering discounted associate memberships in the “regions”. This has helped somewhat to grow or retain membership out of the core film production centres.


The words that my predecessor Alan Collins, CCE wrote in his report last year remain true today...


“Out of 286 paid members we only have 74 CCE’s. Recognizing and recruiting new talent has never been more important.  While it is important to uphold and maintain the value of the CCE accreditation, it is equally important not to hoard it or take it for granted.  We need to bring in more full members if the organization is to thrive and survive. There are many editors who more than meet the standards and qualifications that a full membership entails and have never been brought forth or even considered as a nominee even once.


Currently, only full members of the CCE can bring forth nominations to be considered for jury adjudication to achieve full status.  Each of these members can nominate up to two people annually but at the moment, the majority of our full members are not nominating anyone at all.  Perhaps next time the Full Membership committee meets... each member of the Board could e-mail all the full members they know in their area and ask them to nominate at least one associate member who deserves to be a CCE. That way we could start to see more CCE’s in the credits for important Canadian TV shows and features reminding the public of the important role the editor plays and the strength of our organization.”



A common question potential members ask is “what’s the benefit to me?” Answering this question should be the prime focus of the CCE Board and the Membership liaison for 2018.



2016 AGM

2017 AGM





up 200%

British Columbia



up 16%




up 100%

Nova Scotia







up 18%




up 300%













Total Membership




up 20%


Education Advisor

The CCE only held 4 workshops this past year.  3 in Toronto and 1 in Vancouver.  We had 2 others planned for Vancouver but due to unexpected workload increases by the 2 instructors we had to cancel those workshops.


This was a smaller amount of workshops than we have had compared to other years and our goal moving forward is to return to at least 6 workshops per year.  We are also going to focus on getting workshops added to Halifax, Edmonton/Calgary and Montreal.


We are also looking to increase our Q&A series across Canada.