This Year in Dramatic Film

EditCon is on February 2nd, 2019 at TIFF Bell Lightbox - BUY TICKETS

Meet EditCon Moderator - Lisa Grootenboer, CCE

Meet EditCon Panelist - Isabelle Malenfant, CCE (Pieds nus dans l’aube)

Meet EditCon Panelist - Michelle Szemberg (Un Traductor)

Meet EditCon Panelist - Christine Armstrong (The New Romantic)



This Year in Dramatic Film

There’s no formula to a festival hit, but these three editors, each with a recent feature film on the circuit, shed light on their respective experiences. This panel discussion will focus on their careers in indie film, their process in editing these films, getting a festival run, and what lies ahead.
Michelle Szemberg talks Un Traductor, and its Sundance Premiere; Christine Armstrong on The New Romantic and its SXSW Audience Award, and Isabelle Malenfant, CCE on Pieds Nus dans L’Aube, which garnered her the 2018 CCE Award for Best Editing in Feature Film.